Balancing Act

It’s anticipated and natural for a mother to feel some heartache when her daughter leaves home. You have the lapse of a normal routine caused by the absence of a loved one.

When your daughter was young, you taught her to tie her own shoes, fix her own lunch, and eventually how to drive a car and pair her own socks out of the laundry. You spent precious time teaching your daughter so that she will become an independent, productive young adult. Your daughter leaving home for college and gaining independence is bittersweet. How can you spend eighteen years of caring and protecting her on a daily basis and not feel a void when she moves away?

Being a great mother is, indeed, a balancing act. You don’t want to upset your daughter by making her feel guilty for moving forward; however, it is completely healthy to let her know she will be missed. Walking through this transition together can ease the distress of her absence, and honest communication between you and your daughter will only strengthen the relationship, promoting an enduring relationship throughout your lives.

You may think your daughter cannot wait to get to college, but keep in mind that your daughter is attempting to make a significant step in life her life, without you. Encourage, support, and believe in her, so that she can accomplish this new journey with success. Even from a distance, your daughter will still need your support as she steps into this new, exciting, yet unpredictable stage in her life.

It’s immensely crucial that you as a mother understand that you are not losing your daughter. Instead, you just won a front row seat to observe a magnificent performance; you’re watching your daughter spiral into an adult.