Napa Valley

Last September, my mother and I enjoyed a three day weekend at a luxurious retreat in Napa, California.  Northern California will always remain one of my favorite regions of the country– and wine country − particularly Napa Valley − is … Continue reading

Spa Relation!

If you’re lucky enough to get away with your daughter for a day or two, I can’t say enough about how incredibly special it is to take a spa weekend together!  With the combination of relaxation and one-on-one quality time … Continue reading

Four Key Ingredients

There are four key ingredients to a good Mother-Daughter recipe at any age, so let’s begin: 1.  Always appreciate and respect your daughter’s disposition and personality. Many Mother-Daughter issues emerge as differences between the two of you-ending up as conflicts. … Continue reading


In our celebrity-obsessed, TV- influenced culture, there is no deficiency of dialogue about who got fat, who lost weight recently, and what actress is wearing what. Standing in a checkout line of a local neighborhood grocery store could convince any … Continue reading

Philadelphia L.O.V.E.

Philadelphia is a city fit for travel. From the historical richness of the city’s past, to the impressive and intriguing museums, traveling to Philadelphia with your daughter can be the perfect weekend trip for a mother like you looking to … Continue reading

Flying to Las Vegas

Christie’s first acquaintance with an airplane was getting on an American Airlines flight the day she turned ten years old. She travelled on a memorable and unforgettable trip with her mom, Lucy, from Central New Jersey to Denver, Colorado to … Continue reading

Balancing Act

It’s anticipated and natural for a mother to feel some heartache when her daughter leaves home. You have the lapse of a normal routine caused by the absence of a loved one. When your daughter was young, you taught her … Continue reading

Off to College

Your daughter has been under your care for 18 years. Now, in the blink of an eye, she is proudly off to college. You’ve been through the talk about independence, have ensured there’s enough funds in her debit card account … Continue reading