Embracing the Mother-Daughter Bond

From my own perspective as a daughter, making the time to travel together as a Mother-Daughter duo is a wonderful way to strengthen, deepen, and discover your relationship outside the constraints of your daily routines.  It’s good for daughters to see their mothers embracing a new challenge, letting loose, and sharing a laugh in a moment created just for the two of you.  In the past, my mother  and I have been to Las Vegas, New York, Napa, New Jersey, and New Orleans… just to name a few.  The list is endless when choosing our next destination—there is still so much to discover together!

Being an avid traveler with my mom, I would recommend choosing a destination where neither of you have ever been, but both would physically and mentally be able to handle.  You and your mother can plan the itinerary together so that you all are equally invested in having a great time!  Even with kids and teenagers, giving them a say in part of the vacation helps to keep their interest and enthusiasm high for the future experience to come.

Trying something new with your mother can be an experience of a lifetime!  Whether it’s taking in a museum in Washington D.C, paddle-boarding Monterey Bay, golf lessons in Atlanta, cooking classes in Napa, watching a Broadway show in NYC, or any other activity that you’ve always wanted to try; it is in these moments that we can let our guard down, and share a mutual appreciation for the new activity, bonding through the opportunity to go through something amazing together.