Flying to Las Vegas

Christie’s first acquaintance with an airplane was getting on an American Airlines flight the day she turned ten years old. She travelled on a memorable and unforgettable trip with her mom, Lucy, from Central New Jersey to Denver, Colorado to see family. Christie has been traveling ever since, and does not plan to stop any time soon! With Lucy retired, and Christie in Medical School at Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ, this Mother-Daughter duo still love to travel together!

One of Christie’s most gratifying hobbies is to explore new terrain with Lucy, and she often reminisces about an adored trip she took with her mother to Las Vegas last year.

Upon arriving at the MGM Grand off the strip, they each received a free playing card in the casino. Christie and Lucy are not big gamblers, so instead they chose to people watch all evening, having a lively, engaging, and down-right entertaining night learning how to make their cards last as long as possible.

The rest of their Mother-Daughter Las Vegas weekend was spent sight-seeing, shopping, and just having a great time with each other! This summer, Lucy already knows the perfect gift for her daughter – the gift of travel! Nothing can surpass a high quality, inspiring, adrenalizing travel weekend with your daughter!