Off to College

Your daughter has been under your care for 18 years. Now, in the blink of an eye, she is proudly off to college. You’ve been through the talk about independence, have ensured there’s enough funds in her debit card account to start her off, and have unloaded your car of the laptop, tablet, shoes, and the photo album you made for her of the recent trip you two took together to San Francisco this past summer.

The settling into college period was chaotic. So much so that you haven’t even had time to acknowledge the vexatious pit in your stomach, or the fact that you’ve been hallucinating about your first Mother-Daughter trip you took together to Europe and the smile she had the first time she got on an airplane with you.

Recognize that you will need some time. It’s ok to let the emotions flow — express what you’re feeling, and surround yourself with support: perhaps a friend who is experiencing a similar event with the departure of their daughter. When those waves of nostalgia wash over you, take solace in the future changes you will experience in your daughter’s life, and how the miracle of growth will continue.

Although every mother’s situation is unique, if you uphold a positive and supportive outlook on your daughter’s college-bound years, you are likely to get the most out of this new chapter in both of your lives. Always remember — this is said to be the most impressionable four years of your daughter’s life! Enjoy this journey, and remember to make it the best four years of your life as well!