Our Story

Mommy’s Version

Our story began 6 years ago, with my then 6 year old daughter Natasha. After 4 years of being an only child who captured ALL her mommy’s attention and devotion, her little world changed when all at once her family moved to a new town, mommy’s time was taken away to build a new business and manage 22 employees, and OH!, there was now a new baby on the way! After 6 years of undivided attention, my little girl was lost in the shuffle, getting left over exhausted mommy time, picked up and babysat by whoever was available, and having to face the dim reality that things would only get worse with the pending arrival of a new baby brother!

Finally one night after a long hard day, we both stood in the kitchen when I realized I had been noticing trails of raw sugar on the pantry floor. When asked if she had been using sugar, Natasha honestly replied that she has in fact been EATING the sugar. “Why?” I asked her. “Because I have been bored Mommy” My heart sank! Immediately, I saw what had happened and decided then to repair it. As her Christmas gift that year I planned a trip to New York for her and I. I can still see that little face when she realized this meant time JUST FOR US BOTH! 4 am that morning as she stood excited and surprisingly fully awake, I knew I was on to something, and more than anything else I wanted this time to be a tradition she could look forward to at least once a year. We are six years in the running!

Natasha’s Version

This is an excerpt from a paper she wrote at School describing me as her “favorite person”

“To begin with…even though she has a busy, crazy work life she makes me her first priority. An excellent example of this is a few years back when she used to own these hair Salons….and I only saw her a few hours a day….later when my brother was born…even when she was around she wasn’t paying attention to me. My mother thought this was a problem before I did. So she decided every January we would take a 2-7 day trip just for us. ….I just think its awesome. She thinks i’m important enough in her life to devote so much quality time into our relationship.”