Philadelphia L.O.V.E.

Philadelphia is a city fit for travel. From the historical richness of the city’s past, to the impressive and intriguing museums, traveling to Philadelphia with your daughter can be the perfect weekend trip for a mother like you looking to get away and reconnect! Although there is a long list of activities and things to do in Philadelphia, spending a couple days there with your daughter for a mother-daughter trip is the perfect length of time to unwind, and feel at ease walking the charismatic and dynamic streets of this city.

Philadelphia is a vibrant place to visit with your daughter–a city with an impressive past, and a fascinating future. Knowing that your daughter is interested in both history and science, you can plan a packed two-day itinerary in this sublime and magnetic city, balancing historical sites, science, and walking exploration.

This lively city should be featured as one of the first travel destinations for a connective getaway! Walking the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia with your daughter is like traveling through the pages of a history book! With its unparalleled historical sites, world class cuisine, and thriving arts and culture, the city that invented the notorious cheesesteak is truly an amazing and inspiring place to experience!