Your Stories

Your Stories


me and aubreyI have 2 daughters age 10 and 12. We do a lot together but not as much one on one. Recently, my 12 year old, Aubrey and I did a girls weekend in Palm Beach, FL. We got a nice room on the beach and has a wonderful dinner at the Melting Pot. Even though it was only 2 days it gave us the time and space to connect with each other and have open conversations about life as a preteen. This is one of the most important times of her life and I want her to know that I here for her. Thank you for encouraging busy women to take time to spend with their daughters one on one. The investment is priceless!!



shail and amaliaI am a busy Mom with three children –1 teenage son and twins (a boy and a girl). We do a lot of family activities together, but especially since my daughter is a twin without much alone time with me, I wanted to start a tradition and bond one on one with her. I loved the idea, to give her a gift of a “girls only get-a-way” but didn’t have the time to plan the details of such a trip. We started our 1St annual trip this year – once Amalia received her gift and knew about her trip she couldn’t contain her excitement! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our time together and am so happy I gave her the gift of my time.



erika and oliviaOlivia is an only child. For fun we started a tradition of dreaming up fun trips we could take at bed-time. She enjoyed this very much and became very imaginative about the trips and the details of each. It was neat to plan to surprise her and make one of those wishes come true in a real life Mother and Daughter Trip.




lynnA mother and daughter trip was a last minute Christmas gift idea to include a Mother and Daughter Massage/spa day which my daughter had long wished for. Dressing up and enjoying having brunch at a formal tea house was an experience I have always wanted to share with her. I look forward to continuing this traditional and sharing many memorable experiences with my daughter.




Stuart-20120621-00062 copyI have four daughters…I realized that I had never once had more than an hour’s time alone with any one of my daughters. This was an especially important time for me and my 12-year-old, who I see turning into a woman before my eyes. On her birthday trip, uninterrupted by eye-rolls, disdainful, adolescent sighs or by the needs and wishes of younger children, I saw once again – and possibly for the last time – the little girl who once called me “Mommy.” And, oddly, during that very special trip, I also caught a glimpse of the young woman who will eventually call me, “Friend.”